Wrath in the Gotham Wastelands

Released August 29, 2013

"Wrath" in the Gotham Wastelands on YouTube. Click to watch the video.

The preceding video highlights the "Wrath" single-player missions, as played by Odyssey (a player league).

Keith created the single-player content set in "Wrath" section of the new Gotham Wastelands area for DC Universe Online, part of the "Sons of Trigon" DLC. Players who purchase this DLC and have Combat Rating 84 can play this content.

The Gotham Wastelands is a large, open world hellish version of several sections of Gotham City. Major sections include the Cathedral, the Mausoleum, and Amusement Mile. Gameplay in each section included several repeatable solo missions. The duration of mission is only a few minutes and culminates in a challenging boss fight. Although intended for solo play, these missions occur in a shared space, allowing for players to team-up if they wish.

Tags: Daybreak Games/SOE, single-player, Sons of Trigon


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