Return to the Nexus

Released February 3, 2015

"Return to the Nexus" on YouTube. Click to watch the video.

The preceding video includes the entire operation as played by a group of random players.

Keith created the "Return to the Nexus" 4-player operation for the "Amazon Fury Part II" DLC. This operation focused on this DLC's Amazon theme, but it provided Keith with an extra levels of challenge in that it was also a sequel to the "Origin Crisis" DLC from May 2013 and the Brainiac archvillain story arc spread throughout the game's core content. Gameplay for this operation was spread across two separate locations: the Nexus of Reality and the Prime Battleground. Players who purchase this DLC and have Combat Rating 106 can play this content.

In previous content, alternate versions of Batman and Lex Luthor from parallel dimensions, known as the Paradox Council, fought for control of a mysterious crossroads of time and space called the Nexus of Reality. Now, players have returned to the Nexus on the trail of Amazons missing from the front lines in a war-torn Gotham City. Once there, they discover Brainiac has already enslaved the Amazons, captured the Paradox Council, and taken complete control of the Nexus. The only hope of stopping him from taking over the universe is to go back in time and change time itself by stopping him from entering the Nexus in the first place.

Tags: Amazon Fury Part II, Daybreak Games/SOE, multiplayer


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