New Genesis Now

Released May 18, 2015

"New Genesis Now" on YouTube. Click to watch the video.

The preceding video includes the entire operation as played by Odyssey Gaming (a player league) on the DCUO Test Server.

Keith created the majority of the "Return to the Nexus" 8-player operation for the "Halls of Power Part II" DLC. Gameplay for this operation was spread across three separate locations: the Necropolis of New Genesis, the new Forests of New Genesis, and the new Energy Conversion Chambers (a design based on Keith's recommendations). Players who purchase this DLC and have Combat Rating 111 can play this content.

In this operation, players make their way through the New Genesis Necropolis and forests into the Energy Conversion Chambers of the Celestial City. In the final chamber, Lightray and Steppenwolf battle one another. Hero players will Lightray defend the platform while Villain players will help Steppenwolf destroy it.

Tags: Daybreak Games/SOE, Halls of Power Part II, multiplayer


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