Mist Recovery

Released January 22, 2014

"Mist Recovery" on YouTube. Click to watch the video.

The preceding video is of the "Mist Recovery" operation, as played by Odyssey (a player league). NOTE: This version is from the PC Test server and some changes may have occurred after the DLC was officially launched.

Keith created the "Mist Recovery" 8-player operation for DC Universe Online, part of the "War of the Light Part I" content. Gameplay was spread over three separate locations, ending in the new Mogo map for Heroes or Ranx map for Villains. Players who purchase this DLC and have Combat Rating 84 can play this content.

In the operation, Heroes team up with Green Lantern Kyle Raynor while Villains team up with Hank Henshaw, ally of the Sinestro Corps. The players investigate the mysterious mists that have appeared throughout Metropolis, trying to discern if they are a natural phenomena or some kind of new weapon placed their by an unknown enemy. The mystery takes the players to their planet-sized base-of-operations just as the opposing corps mounts an assault. The operation culminates in a large battle against Hank Henshaw (for Heroes) or Kyle Raynor (for Villains).

Tags: Daybreak Games/SOE, multiplayer, War of the Light Part I


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