Love and War

Released November 11, 2014

"Love and War" on YouTube. Click to watch the video.

The preceding video includes highlights of the final two boss fights within the "Love and War" operation, as played by TerrorSquad (a player league).

Keith created the "Love and War" 8-player operation for DC Universe Online, considered to be the hardest part of the "War of the Light Part II" content. Gameplay was spread over three separate locations, ending in the new Zamaron map. Players who purchase this DLC and have Combat Rating 106 can play this content.

In the operation, Green Lantern Hal Jordan has reluctantly teamed up with Sinestro, his long-time enemy. The War of the Light has been escalating beyond control, and the two of them must find Carol Ferris, leader of the Star Sapphires and Hal's ex-girlfriend, to plead with her for a truce.

Tags: Daybreak Games/SOE, multiplayer, War of the Light Part II


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