Lava Boss Room

April 8, 2024

In Slayscape, progress from one level to another is gated by an extra-tough fight. During the earliest development stages, these "boss fights" repurposed common large rooms and added tougher enemies. Keith created the lava boss room to be Slayscape's first location created specifically for these tougher "boss fights."

The room is larger than normal with a clear entrance and exit. Environmental hazards include a river and pools of lava, as well as "meteor strikes" which act as placeholders for boss NPC abilities that are not yet implemented. It is one of the game's first locations to block the exit until all NPCs in the room were defeated.

Like every Slayscape room, it began as a blank template that was incorporated into several variants. Not every boss room in this game needs to be fully unique, and propping each variant in very different ways allows for a good variety while reducing creation time.

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