Brittany Sewers, Dockside

Released June 30, 2016

Entering Brittany Sewers from Central Brittany puts you here. Click for a larger image.

Entering the sewers from Brittany Alleys puts you here. Click for a larger image.

A flooded room includes a subtle jumping puzzle. Click for a larger image.

Smugglers gather between the "Central" and "Alleys" exits. Click for a larger image.

A steam-based puzzle controls access to the sewer center. Click for a larger image.

The capital city of Brittany in Shroud of the Avatar was conceived as a single scene but became several neighborhoods by the time it went live, each with its own separate scene and personality. Underneath the city is Brittany Sewers, an exploration area that needed to reflect the massive scope of the city above.

Several times larger than nearly every other underground scene in SotA, these sewers will ultimately connect to each Brittany neighborhood. Connections are set up in pairs: the "dockside" tunnels connect to Central Brittany and Brittany Alleys, the "catacombs" section will link to Brittany Graveyard and Brittany Wharfs, and the "caverns" section will exits to Brittany Estates and Brittany Fields.

Each section has its own personality, enemies, unique puzzle, and connection to all other sections. The sewers grows more dangerous as one journeys toward its center, culminating in a special, high-threat boss fight.

Keith created the overall concept of the sewers, the dockside section, and the catacombs' graveyard entrance. The dockside embraces the concept that smugglers from the faraway Hidden Vale are committing crimes in the maintenance tunnels right under the noses of New Britannia's rules.

The doors throughout the dockside section are steam-powered, each opened by the turn of a wheel on a steam pipe. These steam-powered doors are a precursor to the more complex steam-powered puzzle that blocks access from the dockside section to the center of the Brittany Sewers.

Tags: multiplayer, Portalarium, single-player


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