Brittany Sewers, Boss Fight

Released July 28, 2016

An evil ritual in the heart of the Brittany Sewers. Click for a larger image.

A great evil lurks deep in the heart of the Brittany Sewers. Exploring deep into this massive underground scene reveals greater and greater challenge, culminating in a unique boss fight.

Dropping into boss fight room, the first thing players see are several shadowy figures performing a ritual, complete with candles and corpse. Next, they might realize the only way out is a locked door on the far side. They've entered a "kill or be killed" situation with no options in-between.

Approaching the ritualists starts the fight scenario--the entry is blocked (no reinforcements allowed!) and the enemies begin fighting. When the ritualists are defeated, another, greater threat appears out of the sewer water: animated skeletons. Defeating the skeletons catches the attention of their three masters, the ultimate bosses of the room.

Dying at any point resets the boss fight scenario, but defeating all enemies opens up the locked door mentioned above. Past the door is a tunnel that leads to a treasure room and an exit back to the main tunnels of the sewer.

Keith designed the boss fight, room and its new combat system which is used to manage waves of enemies and the rewards following the defeat of each wave (for example, unlocking a door).

Tags: multiplayer, Portalarium, single-player


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