Balloons as Teleporters

Released May 26, 2016

Several examples of teleporter balloons. Click for a larger image.

The world of Shroud of the Avatar is divided into many adventure, town, and story scenes. Exiting a scene can be as simple as walking to the edge of the play area, but SotA also includes many interactive teleporters. The visuals for these teleporters are important. If a player is fictionally traveling along a dusty road then the interactive teleporter is probably a caravan wagon. If a player is being sent across an ocean, then a teleporter that looks like a ship is called for. Going underground is accomplished by clicking on a hatch. But SotA didn't have the perfect teleporter for all situations, such as when a player wanted to travel from an island to a land-locked mountain.

Keith conceived of the teleporter balloon. Based off existing house-sized dirigibles used in the game, these new balloons were smaller with one-occupant baskets. He added two scripts to perfect the balloon visual: one to make the balloon float and another to dynamically spin the balloon depending on the direction of the wind in the scene.

Tags: multiplayer, Portalarium, single-player


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