Arcane Legends

While working for Spacetime Studios, Keith Quinn contributed simultaneously to the development of four free-to-play massively-multiplayer online games (including fantasy-based Arcane Legends), playable on all mobile platforms and PC browsers. His work included creating dungeon levels with enemies, boss fights, quest and their rewards, and achievements.


Companion Canticles Repeatable Quests

Released November 12, 2012

Editing the dungeon map. Click for a larger image.

The final boss. Click for a larger image.

Enemies defending the boss's final room. Click for a larger image.

A stanza from the bard's tale. Click for a larger image.

The quest-giving bard in his tavern. Click for a larger image.

Arcane Legends includes a bard who tells stories so vivid, that players can experience these tales in the first person as actual quests. Keith was responsible for the initial "Companion Canticles" at the game's launch, including writing, map editing, enemy NPC creation, vendors, and reward items.

Keith wrote the accompanying poem for this dungeon, allowing the player to "live out" an historic tale told by a quest-giver NPC. He expanded the prototype dungeon that he was given, adding new sections, staging walls, and destructible cages that players could destroy and sell the idea that they were truly rescuing the animals being held captive. The dungeon concludes after defeating all the minions and the final boss.

Keith created the associated vendor NPC and all the custom gear it sold. He also wrote custom overhead flavor "shouts" for both the quest-giver NPC and item vendor.

Tags: multiplayer, Spacetime Studios


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