Keith Quinn is a video game designer who loves working on AAA MMO games and creates comics in his spare time.

Here at KeithQuinn.net, you can check out some of the games he's worked on and his most recent comics creations.


Quick Facts About Keith Quinn

  • Keith currently works at Portalarium on the Shroud of the Avatar massively-multiplayer and single-player game as Lead Quest and Level Designer.
  • Previously, Keith worked at SOE (now known as Daybreak Games) on the DC Universe Online massively-multiplayer game. (More details.)
  • Prior to DC Universe Online, Keith was a game designer at Spacetime Studios, working on their mobile games: Pocket Legends (more details), Star Legends (more details), Dark Legends (more details), and Arcane Legends (more details).
  • Keith also worked as a game designer for BioWare on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, mostly on the Spawn Team (including placing open world enemies and their bosses, setting up taxis and other fast-travel systems, and making sure every vendor had a home). (More details.)
  • While as a game designer on the now-defunct Dungeon Runners™, Keith created the Noobosaur, hundreds of quests (mostly in the Shadowspawn and "Wrestling" dungeons) and a handful of unique locations (remember the Underlife?). (More details.)
  • Keith was once the Community Relations guy for Ultima Online™ at Origin, a studio under Electronic Arts.
  • Before entering the online game industry, Keith was a web designer, graphic designer, and illustrator. He still spends his free time making comics.
  • Local Heroes™ is a comic Keith created for about five years about a powerless sidekick struggling to keep up with his super-powered mentors. (More details.)
  • Playtime Projects™ is another comic strip he creates periodically about foul-mouthed puppets at a dysfunctional children's show. (More details.)
  • Keith sometimes tables at one or more comic shows during the year, typically in the Austin area (such as Staple! or Wizard World Austin). Come meet Keith and chat about comics and online games!
You can contact Keith with the Hurm.com contact page.